Ambushed and Forced Fucked

skinheads rough up a young guy

Sorry guys, but I can’t even begin to feel sorry for Ted Porter in this hardcore video from Scary Fuckers. I know that I perhaps should, with the poor guy being totally used and abused by Joshua Rogers and Devil, but I’d find it hard to play reluctant if I had these dirty guys wanting me to pleasure their meat!

They’ve grabbed him and dragged him into their lair, needing someone to slide their fuck sticks into.

Slapped around and assaulted, he’s soon on his knees, perhaps hoping that if he just agrees to suck some cock he might be spared a real beating. But as he takes each of those hard pricks in his mouth and takes a real hard face fucking, the guys decide that some oral just isn’t enough to get them off.

Stripped and bent over, Ted Porter is stuffed with hard cock from both ends, with the guys swapping positions and using both his gagging throat and his twitching tight ass for their pleasure.

But it gets worse for Ted.

I guess after the first solid cock penetrates his tight ass they’re a little addicted to how snug his man hole is, maybe they think he’s taken their cocks a little too easy? So the only solution is double up, stretching his fuck hole open as they team up to double-dick his chute!

Drenched in spit and cum, Ted is left aching on the ground when they’ve finally purged their balls of their loads. Lucky boy! lol

skinheads rough up a young guy

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